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IFI Linux PICloader v0.4
IFI Linux PICloader v0.3
IFI Linux PICloader Install Guide v0.3
IFI Linux PICloader v0.2
IFI Linux PICloader Install Guide v0.2
IFI Linux PICloader v0.1

News - February 7th, 2004
New release 0.4 contains picreader and picloader, allowing you to debug output from the pic. Everything should be more advanced. It supports > 16Kbytes. It supports 30Kbytes right now hardcoded, I'll make it so it can support more later.
Author: Ryan Waliany

News - January 19th, 2004
New release 0.3 should make things easier for install and more flexible. The makefile was redone. Next update should include a serial reader for debugging.
Author: Ryan Waliany

News - January 8th, 2004
I'm working on documentation on how to get everything set up. Stay posted!
Author: Ryan Waliany

News - January 7th, 2003
Welcome to the IFI Linux PICloader project page. PICloader is designed to read a PAULMON2 hex file created by the MCC18 compiler released by Microchip and write the program stored in the hex file to an InnovationFIRST Robot Controller for execution. Ryan Waliany started this project in an attempt to allow programmers for the FIRST Robotics Competition to write their programs in Linux in addition to the only previous choice of Windows.
Author: Ryan Waliany